Bay Trail Ride to Hayward

So I made it through the Oregon ride in June.  That was a “super” tour (it really WAS Supertour – check it out.)  Glad to get back to the Bay in one piece, unharmed by the road and the tour except for (yes) saddle sores.  But, they weren’t too bad.  I got this skin dressing stuff from one of the guys on the tour.  I think that saved me.

Saturday last weekend I did my annual ride to Hayward along the Bay Trail.  It’s become something of an annual tradition for me.  This time, I was joined by Doris.  It was fun to have someone along to check the scene.  Wish I’d taken more pictures.  Here are some of them.


The low tide and sunset made for nice picture-taking.  There were lots of little mud-birds digging for clams or worms.  At truly low tide, you can walk a ways out from the bay trail into the bay near San Leandro marina.


Note to others: from the Hayward Shoreline Interpretive Center (which was closed by the time we got there), we decided to try taking Winton St. back through Southland Mall to Hayward BART. It was unpleasant.  I do not recommend the streets around the mall for bicycling, unless you like looking at cars whiz past 2 or 3 feet away.  The “bike lane” is just a couple signs that say “BIKES SHARE THE ROAD”.  We could have easily gotten hit by a vehicle.  Next time I will steer for South Hayward BART station, which is a much quieter ride (and not much longer, either.)

Doris pointed out a good place to get food on the way back: El Novillo Taco Truck, off Fruitvale Ave. near Guadalajara Restaurant.  I would not have thought to try that.  Thanks for the ride-along, and good suggestion D.!


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