Ride around Redwood Park on Pinehurst Rd.

Yesterday I took a training ride around Redwood Park, back up Skyline then down Joaquin Miller and through Dimond neighborhood back to my house.  Here is the route with RideWithGPS: https://ridewithgps.com/routes/13632344

Lots of climbing, as you can see, with medium distance (+/- 24 miles).

Weather was perfect – high 60s, sunny, a little breeze.

The first picture is from Pinehurst Rd. on the backside of Redwood park (east side), looking further east towards Moraga.


The second is from Joaquin Miller before the descent back to Montclair and Dimond further down, looking west.  Not that much visible except lots of ships on the Bay behind Alameda.


It’s so nice to be able to do this kind of ride starting and ending from my house!

Next weekend I’m planning a long ride with Oakland Yellow Jackets through Morgan Territory, and then with some friends extending that ride to 70 “ish” miles.

I’m preparing for a one week “Supertour” in Eastern Oregon that features 4 days of 100+ miles (out of 7 consecutive days riding.)

Right now I’m most concerned about 1) saddle sores – the new bike is not as comfy for my behind as the last one (that one had a brooks saddle) and 2) not enough gears on my compact double Surley Pacer.


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