No Action on Curb Cuts, Utah trip

This year I haven’t lifted a finger to get those curb cuts installed.  I haven’t even attended a meeting of the Oakland Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Committee (BPAC), which is where I need to go to build support for the idea.  The fact is, I am a little older now and I just don’t like going to meetings after work unless it’s convenient for me.  The one Thursday night each month when BPAC meets I always seem to have something going on.  Also, I’ve been more busy socially (such as dating) and with other things not related to bicycles.

In other personal bike-related news, I rode the PUCH bike I borrowed for the last year or so from my friend David 70 miles around Morgan Hill, CA south of San Jose in May.


I also completed a very nice trip to Utah in October where I rode around on my mountain bike a lot.  I injured my shoulder from an accident on the last day’s descent on the Porcupine Rim Trail.  I’m lucky I did not break any bones.  6 weeks since the accident, I still feel it.  Nevertheless, it was totally worth it.  Thanks to Chris (CJ) for accompanying me (and driving me) during the trip.

Google created one of these nifty “stories” using the pictures I took.  You can see it here:



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