Curb Cuts for bikes and pedis

My goal this year is to get some curb cuts installed on E 19th St. between Park Ave. and 14th Ave. This happens to coincide with one of my routes home from work, and so there is a selfish component to this effort.  However, I figure my efforts will also help others – for instance those on wheelchairs, and also other bicyclists whom I occasionally see on this same stretch.  Biking over the curbs just doesn’t make sense, when other cities (Berkeley) manage to make it so much easier.  I bike in Berkeley almost as much as I do Oakland – so a degree of “city planning envy” has from time to time taken hold.  However, I do not lose hope.  It’s just a process of asking, and waiting, I figure.

Note, the first picture below is the site of an active Buddhist shrine, not far from my house, at the intersection of 11th Ave. and E 19th St.  I love this “use of median public commons.”  I do not want any curb cut to interfere with the shrine.  I already spoke to the neighbors who maintain the shrine (and use it) about my idea.  They support it, and pointed out where the curb cut could go: on the side, next to the yellow arrow signs.  It will work fine, I think.

CurbCutRequest_E19thSt_11thAve CurbCutRequest_E19th


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